Saturday, August 8, 2009

dear friends,I am posting a pic of clay mural.size:2'/3'.first,the ply board:10mm is coated with white wood primer to make it water proof.then,when it dries off,the desired scene is sketched on it.use papermatche clay for best results.paste and give shape to the clay as per the requirement of design.when complete,and dried for two days,coat it with white primer again.this will reduce the use of colours.after two coats,colour the mural with desired colours.i often use enamel paints,poster colours,and acrylic colours.when completely done,coat the mural with transparent clear varnish.this protects the fading of colours and gives excellent finishing and shine.get it framed.wooden frames go well with these,proudly hang it in your rooms,or at the enterance to welcome your guests in pleasing atmosphere.

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